10 Fascinating Facts About The American Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse stands amongst the oldest horse breeds and is considered to be the second most famous breed in the world after Arabian horses. According to the American Quarter Horse Association, there are about 2.82 million American Quarter Horses all over the world. The breed’s popularity arises from its many positive traits, such as its kind nature, versatility, elegance, agility, and loyalty.

Quarter horses are proper for all kinds of riders and owners, as they manage to be well-intended with people and light to train. We mostly know them to be very successful racehorses, but they succeed as working farm horses or family pets as well. They have a strong structure and appear in many colors but sorrel is the most prevalent. Today we have decided to show you some of the most interesting facts about the American Quarter Horse that you probably didn’t know. Keep reading!

1. The American Quarter Horse is very versatile

All the people who own an American Quarter Horse know that these beautiful horses are ready to take on any training assignments that we ask them to. They adapt quickly to every kind of situation. All these qualities make this horse adaptable for everything from presentations and competition to working as police mounted horses.


2. Known for their calm temperament

This breed of horse is very intelligent and has a steady riding temperament, but on rare occasions, they can also be a little bit headstrong. Despite that, the American Quarter Horse is a wonderful horse for families or for anyone who’s looking to add a horse to their stable herd.


3. American Quarter Horse comes in multiple colors

This breed of horse can be allowed for registration thanks to the broad diversity of colors that are recognized as adequate as a breed standard.


4. American Quarter Horse is known for its extreme speed

This horse is known for its tremendous speed in short distances. The name of the horse breed came from its capacity to beat other horse breeds in races.


5. American Quarter Horses are famous because of their “Cow Sense”

I know this may seem funny but “cow sense” is a representation of what a horse’s real talent is when it comes to their ability to work cattle. Some horses just have a consciousness about what cows’ movements and can predict them before their rider can respond. This makes the American Quarter Horse a very preferred horse for large ranches and farms because it makes cattle much more manageable for everyone involved.


6. The American Quarter Horse Association was established in 1940 to preserve ranch horse pedigrees

Due to their “cow sense,” US Western ranchers required to preserve the pedigree of their horses and this is how the first association was established. Many farmers were looking out for the possibility to mix the American Quarter Horse into other breeds so they could produce the same “cow sense” into other breeds, while racers were looking to proceed to advance on the speed of the horse.


7. The American Quarter Horse is thought to be the first breed produced in the United States

The first American Quarter Horse was born in 1611  and this was the first formally verified breed produced in the New World. Native American populations were also developing horse breeds based on features that date before the official American Quarter Horse, but there aren’t any recognized official records to verify the authenticity.


8. The majority of American Quarter Horses manage to live between 25-30 years

The American Quarter Horse has also the same elements as most other horse breeds. They have an average weight of about 1,000 pounds and live between 25-30 years which is also right on the line as all the average horse breeds.


9. There are American Quarter Horses in Texas than anywhere in the world

There are more than 420,000 American Quarter Horses that actually live in Texas. It is believed that the average owner in Texas has 4 American Quarter Horses as part of their barn.


10. There are three primary classifications for the American Quarter Horse

Breeders will usually classify the horses of this breed into three separate classes: Bulldog, Thoroughbred, and Progressive. Bulldog American Quarter Horses are considered to be the working horse of the breed because of their strong legs and their strength. The Thoroughbred American Quarter Horses are a little more elegant and have refined bones – some are called semi-bulldogs or runners, that depends on what their forces happen to be whilst the Progressive American Quarter Horse is a mixture of the two other kinds.


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