95 dɑy with a horse, who grᴇw up in the wildᴇrness of Amᴇrica.

Naira was never our own; she spent three months at our facility for training purposes. I participated in an event called “Mustang Makeover Germany,” where 16 trainers had the task of taming a Mustang mare within a three-month period. After the event, the horses were sold to their permanent homes as per the rules. Our responsibility was to give Naira a solid foundation and teach her the essential skills she needed for life in Germany. She now resides in a beautiful home.

“Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is that we are exceptionally powerful.

It is our brilliance, not our darkness, that truly intimidates us.

We often question ourselves, Who am I to be extraordinary, stunning, gifted, and remarkable? But in truth, who are you not to be? You are a child of a higher power. Diminishing our potential does not serve the world.

There is no enlightenment in shrinking ourselves to make others feel less insecure.

We are all meant to shine, just as children do. […] This brilliance resides within each and every one of us.

And as we embrace our own radiance, we unconsciously grant others permission to do the same. By freeing ourselves from fear, we liberate those around us.”

We spent 95 days with a horse who grew up in the wilds of America. During those 95 days, we experienced immense joy, learning, fear, and a deep connection – for which we are grateful. Those 95 days transformed our perspective and changed our lives.

Naira, which means “The one with the big eyes” or “The first one,” was given this name due to her remarkable curiosity and confidence.

This horse is extraordinary in numerous ways and presented us with significant challenges. We had moments of fear, particularly when she displayed kicking behavior. However, her heightened sensitivity to body language and strong willpower taught us to be clearer and more fair in our interactions with horses. We realized that nothing we do with horses should be taken for granted.

Naira was with us for training purposes; she was never truly ours. Nonetheless, our hearts formed a deep bond. When she moved on to her new owners after the Mustang Makeover, we experienced profound pain and sorrow.

Fortunately, she found herself in a wonderful environment, and we maintain good communication with her new owners. We are incredibly grateful for this outcome.

It took me a long time to complete this video, but it was of utmost importance to me – a timeless memory of the extraordinary time spent with Naira.

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