After the groom’s “unhinged” mother unexpectedly interrupted the ceremony, the bride left in tears…


The process of navigating a relationship with one’s in-laws can be arduous, and for one bride, it proved to be particularly trying. While she was married into a rich Mexican family earlier this month, she was accused of being a money digger. She came from a family with a modest income, and she married into that family.

According to reports, the bride was subjected to harassment by the groom’s family during her connection with their wealthy cousin. This incident took place a significant amount of time before the wedding. In an effort to get her to leave the collaboration, they even tried to bribe her. When the pair made the announcement that they were engaged, the mother of the groom reportedly pretended to have a heart attack, claiming that her poor health was due to the couple, and demanded that her son pay for all of her medical expenses.

Despite the fact that the mother, brother, and sister of the groom did not show up for the wedding, the mother nevertheless managed to cause a disturbance on the day of the great occasion. She allegedly paid someone to splash red paint on the bride’s wedding attire immediately outside the church where the ceremony took place. This is according to the reports.

As a result of a user on Reddit providing further information, the incident attracted attention on the internet. The user said that the bride has been subjected to persistent harassment by her in-laws owing to the fact that she has a lower socioeconomic standing, despite the fact that they are completely unfamiliar with the bride. She was allegedly intimidated by her in-laws, who also made various social media identities in order to torment her. Furthermore, they allegedly gave her a blank check in order to get her to leave her husband and the family.

Reportedly, the remainder of the wedding day went off without a hitch, and the bride changed into a different outfit that she already had, despite the fact that the beginning of the day’s festivities was difficult. However, the intervention of the family continued even after the wedding had taken place. In addition to stealing the passport and visa belonging to the groom, they sought to destroy the honeymoon of the couple by offering a bribe to the travel agency. They were fortunate in that their attempts were unsuccessful, and the newlyweds were able to have a nice honeymoon despite the turmoil that occurred inside their family.


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