Austrɑlian horsᴇ jᴇts to Hollɑnd and sᴇes snow for the first timᴇ. He is in ɑwe of the momᴇnt.

With pride evident in his voice, Matt proudly declares to the camera, ‘This is the first time my horse has ever seen snow,’ while affectionately patting his horse. His excitement is contagious, captivating those who listen.

Chase, an Australian horse recently transported to Holland, finds himself encountering the winter’s first snowfall. Matt eagerly shares this moment with his equine companion. However, the prospect of venturing out into the snow at midnight f ails to ignite the same enthusiasm within Chase.

Yet, for Matt, emotions run high. He describes the experience as something out of a movie, utterly awe-inspiring. In many Australian cities, snow is a rare occurrence, making this particular moment even more remarkable. Chase gets to revel in the presence of snow for the very first time.

The following day, Jesse embarks on a visit to the paddocks, beginning with a stop at the stables to greet the horses. He approaches each of them, gently patting their heads and rousing their excitement for a walk in the snow.

Jesse proceeds to lead the horses towards the paddocks, with Chase exhibiting the most exuberance among them all. As soon as he is released from the lead rope, Chase eagerly dashes off to explore the snowy landscape.

While Jesse captures the moment with his digital camera, Chase frolics in the distance, trotting about as he attempts to comprehend this vast expanse of white covering the ground.

He rolls playfully in the snow, relishing the novel sensation. After a while, he scrapes away some of the snow to access the grass beneath, leaving us to ponder about his thoughts on this extraordinary new experience.”

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