Baby Foal Can’t Jump The Wall But Mama Decides To Teach Him

During our lives, we are in an everlasting process of learning. We learn new things every day, however, the things that we learn when we are at a very young age have high importance in our behavior as well. A lot of us have learned from our parents to respect animals as much as we can. We have listened to their advice but on the other hand, we have observed their behavior with animals and this is probably the reason why we respect them, other than the love that we have for them.

Not only this but a lot of other things as well, mostly that are connected to our behavior but also to develop a talent that we might have inherited from our parents. Not only with humans, but the same thing happens with animals too. Let’s take horses, for example. A lot of baby foals look at their mothers or other horses in the barn and they start acting the same as them.

In the video below, we have a foal who is doing exactly that, learning from his mother who is a very talented mare. This is such a precious peek inside the love between mother and child. Here, we meet a gorgeous Paso Fino colt who lives on a sprawling piece of farmland in Texas. Before the camera started to record, the colt’s mom had gone up the small stone wall you see toward the left-hand of the screen. Sure, it may not seem like a daunting task, but the colt was still unsteady on his legs and unsure of how to mimic Mom’s jump.


Poor kid! Just as you think the colt is about to give up and hope Mom comes back for him, the mare pops back into the frame to do what she does best… teach him how to do it just like her! She even showed him how to gather speed to make it up the wall. It’s a beautiful sight to see. This is such an interesting moment that makes all of us realize how similar the situation is with us humans and how much we have actually learned from our parents. Please have a look at the video below and let us know what you think!

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