Bear Has been Freed from The Circus Spending There 25 Years! Look at His Adorable Reaction In The Video!


Circus animals have to endure a lot. Their place is in the in their natural habitat.  Toshka has lived through that dreadful time in his life, and now, 25 years later, he is finally free. And he enjoys his independence.

When the bear’s difficult existence came to an end, he was sent to a sanctuary in Satanov, Ukraine. This location is quite stunning, and this unhappy bear will now be able to live in peace. He was afraid when he just arrived, and it took him a long to adapt.

He quickly realized that none of these people meant to injure him, so he began behaving in a gentle and friendly manner. According to a volunteer at the site, the bear was terrified of humans and spent two weeks hiding in the bushes. Despite having spent a significant amount of time in the circus, he now has the opportunity to start a new life.

Toshka now has total freedom and daily sunshine. On a beautiful day, he was once caught on camera taking a shower.

He likes to relax in the sun for a long period and take a shower, according to the shelter workers. You can watch his enjoyable video below!


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