Farrier Trims The Overgrown Hooves Of The Draft Horse

In the horse world, there are two huge groups of people, the first one is made by people who are fully dedicated in it and their life totally depends on horses, on the other hand, there is another group of people who are part of the horse world usually during their free time, however, their professions in life have nothing to do with horses. No matter what, all these people have in common the love for horses, which is really important.

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You don’t necessarily need to be involved in one thing and forget about other things that you like. You can manage your time in a way that you can do both. However, let’s focus only on the group of people who are totally involved in the horse world. Most of these people are involved in different horse disciplines and they are competing in a lot of important events.

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However, one group of people involved in the horse world and it is highly underrated are farriers. They are really important for the horses’ health, yet, they are highly underrated for their work. Through the video below, you will be able to understand the importance of having farriers. In the video, you are about to watch Farrier Jorgen Briers and horse vet Leen Vanderwegen from Belgium show us how trimming hooves of a Belgian draft with an angle grinder is done.

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From the looks of this horse, his hooves weren’t the only thing being neglected. There are power tools, ropes and a whole lot of other things involved. This makes putting shoes on my horse look like a walk in the park! All horses deserve good foot care, even if you don’t want to be the one doing it but that’s what professionals are for.

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Although they are considered to be gentle giants we just can imagine how it is to hold that heavy leg up and work on its hoof. It is a very delicate job because you have to be careful to not harm your horse while trimming their hooves, as you will be able to see in the video as well. Please have a look and share your thoughts on the importance of farriers.

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