Hilarious Horse Becomes A ‘Drama Queen’ While Passing The Ditch

The reality show that even a generally confident and peaceful horse may experience anxiety under some circumstances. The rider can be proactive, maintain control, and even calm the horse before it panics by being aware of the situations where this is likely to occur. When a deer jumps out of the brush, for example, a horse’s panic may be triggered immediately, or it may develop gradually as the horse’s anxiety rises, until eventually the animal encounters a threshold that results in meltdown. Before anxiety reaches a threshold, a rider might intervene to reduce it by being aware of changes in the horse’s emotional state.

Horses are herd animals and seek safety in numbers. For many horses, the idea of being in danger on their own would be too terrifying. The same horse, who is calm and self-assured while riding alongside other horses, might become a scared rabbit when left alone. Only horses with confidence, experience, and good training can tolerate being taken alone into unfamiliar settings. In a similar vein, horses will undoubtedly exhibit greater scared behavior in novel situations than in familiar ones. The same is true when riding unidentified horses (stranger danger).

Once more, with more instruction and experience and a self-assured rider in control, horses will gradually gain confidence (we call it seasoning) in unfamiliar situations or when riding with other horses. Furthermore, horses that haven’t been ridden much recently may lack confidence and be too sensitive to stimuli. But horses can exhibit greater fear than usual for more complex causes like changes in herd dynamics. Additionally, a horse may react dramatically to an unexpected change in their familiar surroundings such as a new banner hanging on the arena fence that wasn’t there the day before.


Each horse reacts differently to these kinds of situations and experiences fear in somewhat different ways. The easier it is to anticipate the circumstances that would cause anxiety in a horse, the more experience a rider has with them. Well, in some cases horses might just act like a drama queen and that’s what the following video is all about. The hilarious horse in the video acts so dramatic trying to pass the ditch. Have a look at the following funny video, leave your comment on the video, and please do not hesitate to share the video on social media with your friends and family in order to make them laugh as well.

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