Homeless Couple Receives Backlash For Saying They Are “Too Smart To Work”

The choice of this homeless pair to live in a tent instead of working has caused a lot of controversy and criticism.The couple, who are known for writing about their life in a tent, has said, “Homelessness isn’t wrong if you’re looking at it from our perspective.”

Their views on street living, which they shared with their 178,000 TikTok fans, have caused a lot of debate, and many people are now questioning their position.

It made a big deal when Leland Brown Jr. and Breanna, from Hatfield, Pennsylvania, USA, said they liked the word “houselessness” better than “homelessness.”

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In a video posted from their tent, they explained why they were doing what they were doing, saying that “houselessness is a flex” and showing off the survival skills they’ve learned while living in such an unusual way.

Different people had different reactions to what they said. Some defended their right to be independent, while others were critical of the choices they made about their lifestyle.

During the debate, Leland and Breanna started a GoFundMe effort to support their simple way of life. They want to get out of debt and spend more time with Leland Jr.’s son. They want to raise $10,000, but so far they’ve only made $162.

Different stories about the couple’s past and present situations make it hard to figure out how they became homeless. In older videos, Leland is seen working at different places and even living in a house. However, recent comments suggest that they don’t want to get regular jobs.

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They said they don’t need to look for work right away because they’re “too smart for that.”

Some people have said that their choices aren’t really what they want, saying that their way of life is more about avoiding duty than choosing to be homeless.

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