Horse psychic helps horse trainer understand his stallion

Symone possessed the ability to communicate with animals, acting as an animal telepath and offering them energy treatments for healing. Recently, she paid a visit to Matt Harnacke, an influential figure in the equestrian world who relocated from Australia to the Netherlands for work.

Deeply invested in the well-being of his horses, Matt decided to enlist the services of the renowned horse psychic to engage in a conversation with his beloved horse, Emporio. Emporio, a stallion who had been in Matt’s care since the age of three and recently turned seven, posed his first question to Symone, expressing his concern about whether he would remain with Matt indefinitely. The horse psychic relayed Emporio’s apprehension to Matt, revealing that the horse was afraid of parting ways and sought confirmation from his owner to stay.

Emporio’s second inquiry pertained to his overall state. In response, Matt instructed Symone to inform the horse that he had diligently cared for him. Emporio telepathically conveyed his feelings of disconnection and stress prior to joining Matt’s household.

During the session, the horse communicated to the psychic about an ill-fitting saddle, to which Matt clarified that he had already replaced it. However, Matt was curious to know if Emporio preferred the saddle to be loose or tight, but the specific details were not clear to Symone.

Symone assured Matt that Emporio placed his trust in his owner and regarded him as a friend, expressing gratitude for the attentive care he received. When Matt inquired if the horse desired to return to Australia, Symone informed him that Emporio found happiness in the Netherlands. Emporio’s subsequent question revolved around a horse named Serrano, who had previously been injured but had since recovered and was undergoing training in Belgium.

Emporio conveyed his appreciation to Symone and Matt for addressing all his queries, also mentioning a healed lip injury in response to one of Matt’s questions. Matt sought confirmation about Serrano’s return and pondered whether he was superior to the injured horse.

the profound session with Symone left a lasting impression on the equestrian influencer, opening his eyes to various aspects and allowing him to bridge certain gaps. Delighted to have the opportunity to pose multiple questions to his beloved horse, Matt relished the emotional connection he shared with Emporio.

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