Instructive story: Crocodile Farm

In the heart of a sprawling crocodile farm, nestled upon a floating platform amidst a vast pool teeming with mighty reptiles, a peculiar challenge unfolded.

A gathering of curious tourists found themselves confronted by the farm’s proprietor, who issued a bold proposition: “Who among you would dare plunge into these waters, swim to safety, and emerge unscathed, shall claim a grand prize of one million dollars!”

A heavy silence hung in the air, suffused with the palpable apprehension of the visitors. None dared to entertain the notion, frozen in their places by the daunting prospect. Yet, amid this tableau of hesitation, a lone figure defied the inertia of fear and leaped into the churning depths below.

In a frenzy of motion, the crocodiles surged forth, drawn by the sudden disturbance in their domain. Yet, against the odds, the intrepid swimmer surged towards the distant shore, navigating the perilous waters with an audacity that bordered on madness. Miraculously, he emerged unscathed, greeted by the exultant cheers of the onlookers.

“A champion among us!” proclaimed the farm owner, his voice brimming with admiration for the courageous soul who had dared to defy the odds.

As the accolades subsided and the prize was duly conferred, the triumphant couple retreated to the sanctuary of their hotel room, where an intriguing revelation awaited.

“That courageous soul,” remarked the man to his wife, a bemused twinkle in his eye: “I did not leap of my own volition… I was propelled!”

His spouse met his confession with a peal of laughter, her amusement echoing through the confines of their shared space. “Guilty as charged”, she confessed, her grin widening with unabashed mischief. “I gave you that gentle nudge towards greatness!”

Thus, in the lighthearted aftermath of their adventure, a poignant truth emerged: “Behind every triumphant feat lies the unseen hand of support, be it gentle encouragement or playful coercion, urging us towards the pinnacle of achievement”.

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