Large Draft Horse Gallops In The Pasture Showing Off Its Glory

One main characteristic that horses have is that they are generally big animals, excluding miniature horses or ponies. When you ask someone to describe a horse, one of the most used adjectives will probably be huge and they are indeed big animals but for us, horse people who know them really well have a different opinion from them because we are used to very huge horses that make these other horses (who still are huge for people who do not know horses very well)  look small.

No matter their size, one thing is for sure, that we all love horses no matter how they look like. They are one of the greatest animals with a good given to make people feel better even in their worst moments in life, something that, in my opinion, other animals can’t do. Of course, this opinion is quite subjective, but a lot of people who knew nothing about horses until they chose horse therapies, agree with the fact that horses have the ability to make everyone feel better and feel better emotionally and psychologically.

We are so lucky to have them. Going back to the huge horses, this horse in the video below is one of the most amazing horses that I have seen. His name is Simon Van Straten and he is one of the biggest horses in the world. He is a Belgian Draft and all these horses from this breed are way bigger than almost all the other horse breeds, however, Simon stands out to other horses from the same breed when it comes to his size.

The way he moves around is so beautiful and elegant, which is totally contrasted when you think about his size and weight. He is a beautiful dark beauty and I believe that his owner should be very lucky to have him.

I believe it would be quite intimidating to stay in front of him, right? What do you think about this giant beauty? Let us know in the comment section. If you think that your family and friends should watch this video, make sure to share it with them as well.

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