Little Baby Horse Born Too Small Turns Into A Bucking Bronco

This is an amazing story of a baby horse, born very weak. It represents the strength of a big heart and the power of love. The baby horse, Joy was really small. So small, that could have easily been carried in arms. But the second day from her birth things got very problematic. What it looked like a healthy little horse turned out to be a very sick one.

She wasn’t acting normal. She was laying and breathing heavily. Her mother was very weak as well. The vet gave very little hope for Joy’s survival. Their owner brought both of them, Joy and her mother in a hospital. All the vets were skeptic. Joy wasn’t able to stand up. Fortunately, three days after, things got better. Joy began acting normal and she was well enough to go back home.

This video shows the strength and the energy of this little cutie. It’s so amazing how beautiful this story turned out. How the power of love can be a cure. She now seems like a crazy little bronco. She just wants to run, play and explore new things. Shortly, this clip introduces the life of a sick little horse who managed to survive critical health conditions.


The doctors weren’t able to diagnose or explain what happened to her in the first 24 hours. She was born healthy but everything changed in a second. I am really happy to say that Joy is growing strong and healthy back again. She is so sweet and crazy. If in her first days she wasn’t able to stand, now she is running all day long next to her mother.

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