Majestic 40 Clydesdale Mares Go For Morning Run In The Snow

If someone asks you which one do you believe is the most popular horse breed, then I am pretty sure that a huge percentage of you, especially people from the United States would say Budweiser’s Clydesdale. They have gained a lot of popularity through Superbowl Commercial, which are some of the world’s most successful commercials and a lot of them that do include Clydesdale horses have gotten the attention of the public.

You would usually be surprise about the fact that such commercial would enhance such groups of audiences. Well, it is somehow understandable because Superbowl is a major event, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that a product that you advertise is going to be successful simply because it appears in a major event, because there have been cases of products that people do not know anything about because whenever their ads would appear, people would draw attention to something else and it is something that happens very often.

Before continuing with our video, who is not connected to the Commercials as all, we would like to stop with this topic by answering the question of which one of the commercial do you think is the most interesting one. Now let’s focus on the beautiful group off these amazing mare Clydesdales. This video is really unique for a lot of factors, one which is directly connected to the total population of this horses breed.


Considering that the number of total horses of the breed do not exceed 5000, it is quite interesting to say that 40 out of an uncertain number of 5000, which can also be less in real life, are in the video below. As you can see, the breed is endangered so the person who got to record should be aware of how lucky he/she is because it is something that people would dream of seeing, leave alone the fact that the breed is absolutely one of the most majestic ones.


No wonder why they are the stars of a lot of commercial. I have never gotten to see one in real life but it is definitely a bucket list thing in life. Which is the horse breed that you have only seen on the internet but you would like to see in person? Let us know about it!

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