Majestic Foal Is Melting Hearts On Internet With Its Beauty

In the following video, we will present you a unique half Friesian, half Appaloosa foal. Before watching the video, we would like to provide you with some information for both Friesian and Appaloosa horse breed. Friesian horses are definitely a beautiful and uncommon breed. All those who are in their presence are in awe of their gentleness and elegance. Although most known for their glossy black coats, Friesian horses have a lot of other fascinating characteristics.

The breed had a long history of combat use. In fact, because of their nobility and stature, knights would ride on them. Even if they were used in war so long ago, one might not immediately imagine that, yet it is accurate. They are happy, obedient, and devoted. In reality, due of their kind temperament and easy ability to follow instructions, this breed of horse is commonly used in film production. Friesian horses are simply majestic and they look so gorgeous.

The Appaloosa horse is primarily recognised for its striking looks. Each Appaloosa has a unique appearance thanks to the practically infinite combinations of colors and markings that are possible. Along with its incredibly faithful attitude and mild demeanor, though, durability and agility are also prized qualities. The Appaloosa’s hooves also have remarkable striping for horses. Each hoof has a distinct alternating pattern of dark and light that runs vertically. The sclera, the white area of the eye that encircles the iris, is also discernible in the Appaloosa. Other horse breeds do not exhibit this trait.


Beginner riders and anybody looking for a dedicated equine companion should consider this mild breed. Even young children can safely handle an Appaloosa. This breed is adaptable and relatively low-maintenance, making it ideal for both casual riding and competing in equestrian sports. In the video below you can watch a great combination of Friesian and Appaloosa breed. The result is simply outstanding. Have a look at the following video for more, let us know your thoughts on the video, and please share the video on social media with your loved ones to make their day beautiful too.

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