Mare Who Lost Her Baby Gets Excited While Meeting An Orphan Foal

The bond between a mother and her child is one of the strongest and most natural relationships in the animal kingdom. But sometimes, tragic circumstances can separate a mother and her baby, leaving both of them heartbroken and lost. In a heartwarming story reported by The Dodo, a horse mother who had recently lost her baby found a way to heal her broken heart by adopting a foal as her own. A lovely mare had given birth to a beautiful colt. Unfortunately, the young foal passed away during the birth process. As you can see from the video below, the mare was so sad because of her loss.

She was just waiting and looking around for her foal. But fate had other plans for the lovely mare. A few days after her loss, a young foal was brought to the farm. The little foal did not have a mother either. The workers at the farm knew they had to act fast to save the young foal, so they brought him to the mare, hoping she would accept him as her own. To everyone’s amazement, the mare took to the foal immediately. She started grooming him, nuzzling him, and allowing him to nurse from her.

It was as if she knew that the little foal needed a mother, and she was happy to provide him with the love and care he needed. The workers at the farm were overjoyed to see the mare and the foal together. They knew that the mare had been through a lot, and they were worried that she would never recover from the loss of her own baby. But with new foal by her side, the mare seemed to find a new purpose in life. She was no longer alone, and she had a reason to care for and protect another young foal.


Their story is a testament to the power of love and the strength of the mother-child bond. Despite the tragic loss of her own baby, the mare found a way to heal and to provide love and care to another young foal who needed her. Her selflessness and compassion are an inspiration to us all. In a world where so much of our news is focused on negativity and tragedy, it’s refreshing to see a story like this one. It reminds us that there is still goodness and love in the world, and that sometimes, the most unexpected bonds can be the strongest of all.

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