Momᴇnt an orphɑn foal and his teddy beɑr are rᴇunited, and he sᴇemed happy to have the bear bɑck

A foal named Breeze had a rough start to life. Born in 2013, he was rejected by his mother and taken to the Mare & Foal Sanctuary in Devon, England when he was just hours old. Lucky for him, this wonderful organization was able to give him a second chance!

But the orphaned foal was lonely, and although he received around-the-clock care, he needed someone to snuggle with. That’s when he met Buttons, a teddy bear, who became his best friend.

Breeze found comfort in Buttons’ cuddly companionship, and as he grew older and more independent, he needed the teddy less and less. When Breeze was old enough, Buttons went on to comfort other little foals that needed an extra cuddle at the sanctuary.

Now, Breeze is a happy, healthy 3-year-old pony who is doing well with training and has made sanctuary staffers very proud! He’s also developed an air of mischief, so when he was reunited with Buttons for the first time in 3 years, they knew he’d have lots of fun. A post on the Mare and Foal Sanctuary site says that Breeze carried Buttons around his stable until he got tired, then cuddled up with his friend for a nap — just like old times!

As you can see, Buttons “shrunk” a bit through the years, but the handsome pony was still glad to see him.

Once Breeze is ready, the sanctuary will help him find the perfect home. Until then, he is loving life playing with other young ponies and running around in wide open spaces. Good luck to you, Breeze!

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