Mother Horse Refuses To Leave Trapped Little Foal’s Side

It was just an ordinary day when, while taking an afternoon drive, a man spotted a beautiful brown mare standing on a wooden bridge. The mare was stopped dead in her tracks though, and the man could tell she was looking down at something small and white. At first, the driver assumed the horse was simply taking in her nice surroundings.

But as he moved in closer, it became clear that Mom was with her foal, and he was stuck in a terribly precarious position. The brown and white foal was trapped in the slats of the bridge, helpless and frightened — and worst of all, there was nothing the mare could do but hope and pray for a miracle. The baby squeaks out, begging for his Mama to help him. I can’t imagine how this must’ve felt.

Thankfully, the amazing man behind the wheel jumped out of his car and decided to spring into action. He approached the frightened baby and truly went above and beyond — and you can tell that Mama was more than okay with allowing this stranger to step in. In the end, the foal is carried to safety across the bridge, then walks away with Mom by his side.


Well, the closest way to the heart of a mum is doing something beautiful or important for her baby. And this amazing person sure did. That’s why the mare was really grateful. If you really like the video below, please make sure to share it will your friends so they can enjoy it as well.

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