My Ex-Husband’s New Wife Unexpectedly Contacted Me – What She Wrote Made Me Go Pale

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but when my ex-husband’s new wife reached out to me, I found myself caught in a web of desperation and secrets. I thought I’d left the pain of my past behind, but her plea for help opened old wounds and led me down a path I never expected.

Five years ago, my life fell apart most unexpectedly. I was married to Kevin, a charming and successful businessman. Everything seemed perfect, or so I thought until the day he accidentally texted me instead of his mistress.

That text shattered my world. “I hate her, Jess.” it read. “I hate Bridget, with every fiber of my being. She can’t even give me a baby.”

Yes, he was talking about me. I’m infertile, something he knew before we got married. I felt the blood drain from my face as I read those words over and over. The man I loved, the man I thought loved me, had been cheating on me and resented me for something out of my control.

Of course, I couldn’t forgive him and we decided to call it quits. By the time our divorce was finalized, Kevin had built quite a portfolio: a company, three commercial properties, and a beautiful lake house.

In the settlement, I got half of everything, including the apartment and the lake house. On top of that, I became a silent partner in his company, receiving returns twice a year.

He probably thought it was a way to ease his guilt. Needless to say, I didn’t need to work anymore, but I loved my career too much to stop.

Soon afterward, he married Jessica, the woman he cheated on me with. I tried to move on, blocking out any news about them. That was until a month ago. One evening, out of the blue, I got a message from an unknown number.

“Hi. It’s Jess. Kevin’s new wife. I need your help. I’m begging you. Please, answer. Only you can save me.”

I stared at my phone, my heart racing. Her messages looked so desperate that I decided to respond.


“What do you want?” I typed back.

“Please, meet me. Tomorrow. Stevens Point at 2 p.m. And Kevin can’t know,” she replied almost immediately.

The next day, I found myself sitting in a quiet corner of Stevens Point, feeling both curiosity and discomfort. Jess walked in, her face pale and drawn. She spotted me and hurried over, looking around nervously.

“Thank you for coming, Bridget,” she said, sitting down quickly. “I didn’t know who else to turn to.”

“What’s going on?” I asked, trying to keep my voice steady.

She took a deep breath. “I’m pregnant with Kevin’s baby.”

I raised my eyebrows, surprised but not entirely shocked. “And?”

Her eyes filled with tears. “Kevin doesn’t want the baby. He told me I had to get rid of it. He says the divorce cost him too much money and he can’t afford a child right now.”

I felt a wave of anger and pity. This girl, the one who had played a part in my marriage’s downfall, was now sitting in front of me, desperate and scared.

“I’m sorry, but what do you expect me to do about it?” I asked, genuinely perplexed.

“Please, I’m begging you,” she said, her voice breaking. “Maybe if you give back some of the money you received from the divorce settlement, he’d change his mind. I don’t know what else to do.”

I was stunned. This was the last thing I expected. “Jess, it’s not that simple. And I think you’ve forgotten that he left me for you.”

She looked at me, tears streaming down her face. “Please, Bridget. Help me.”

“I’ll think about it,” I said finally. “But I can’t promise anything.”

Jess nodded, looking slightly relieved. “Thank you so much.”

I walked out of that restaurant with my mind spinning. As I drove home, I couldn’t shake the thought: Kevin was manipulating her just like he had done to me for years.

She was blind to it, and I couldn’t let her suffer the same way I did. Despite the pain she caused me, I felt a strange need to protect her. And even more, I wanted to teach Kevin a real lesson.

I called Jess the next day.

“Hey, it’s Bridget. I’ve been thinking about your situation, and I want to help you.”

“Oh, thank you, Bridget!” she exclaimed, her relief palpable through the phone.

“But not in the way you want me to,” I continued. “I know it’s going to break your heart, but Kevin doesn’t love you. If he did, he wouldn’t have asked you to get rid of the baby. It’s not about the money, Jess; it’s about his priorities. So, if he’s making you choose, at least make a wise choice.”

“Bridget, I… I don’t know what to say,” said Jess, her voice breaking between muffled sobs. “But you’re right. I can’t let anything happen to my baby. Please tell me what you have in mind.”

“Perfect. I think you should move into my lake house temporarily while we sort things out. It’s safe, and Kevin won’t know where you are.”

She hesitated. “Are you sure?”

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“Yes,” I assured her. “It’s the best way to keep you and the baby safe. Trust me on this.”

After a long pause, she agreed. “Okay, I’ll do it. Thank you so much, Bridget.”

A few days later, Jess moved into the lake house. It was surreal seeing her there, but I knew it was the right thing to do.

Once she was settled, I contacted my lawyer, Mr. Fields, and outlined my plan. “We need to draft a letter for Kevin. It’s time to make things look serious.”

Mr. Fields nodded, a slight smile on his face. “That’s a solid plan. It will definitely get his attention.”

Here’s what the letter said:

Dear Mr. Kevin Michaelson,

I am writing to you on behalf of my client, Ms. Jessica Sanders, regarding her current situation and forthcoming actions. This letter serves to formally notify you of the following:

Ms. Sanders has moved out of the marital residence and is initiating divorce proceedings against you.

Any attempts to contact her directly will be considered harassment and will result in immediate legal action.

Additionally, please be advised that should you contest the divorce or attempt to intimidate or manipulate Ms. Sanders in any manner, we will have no choice but to disclose your demands to terminate her pregnancy to the public. Such actions will undoubtedly have severe repercussions for your personal and professional reputation.

We urge you to consider the gravity of this situation and to cooperate fully to ensure an amicable resolution.


Mr. Richard Fields

Fields & Associates.

A few days later, Kevin received the letter. As expected, he called me immediately, furious.

“Bridget, what the hell is going on? Where’s Jess? Why are you involved?” he yelled into the phone.

I took a deep breath, keeping my voice calm. “I know everything, Kevin. And Jess is safe. Your threats and manipulation have no power over her anymore.”

There was silence on the other end, then a low growl. “You think you can just take her away from me?”

“I’m not taking her away, Kevin. She’s leaving because she wants to. And if you try to contest the divorce or come after her, well, then you know what will happen.”

There was a long silence before he hung up. I knew I had rattled him, but this was just the beginning. The next part of my plan was to hit him where it hurt the most: his wallet.

I met with Mr. Fields again. “We need to initiate an audit of Kevin’s company,” I told him. “I’ve suspected financial irregularities for a while, and it’s time we bring them to light.”

Mr. Fields nodded, his eyes gleaming with determination. “We’ll get on it right away.”

The audit caused a massive stir in Kevin’s business. His assets were temporarily frozen, and the attention from investors and partners was anything but positive. Kevin called me again, this time with a different tone.

“Bridget, this has gone too far,” he said, sounding desperate. “You’re ruining me.”

I felt a pang of satisfaction but kept my voice calm. “You did this to yourself, Kevin. Maybe next time, you’ll think twice before manipulating and hurting people.”

Meanwhile, I helped Jess file for divorce and secured her a great lawyer, one known for championing women’s rights. We started a campaign to gather support from women’s rights groups, highlighting her story of manipulation and control. The media picked up on it, and Kevin’s image took a serious hit.

One evening, Jess and I sat by the lake, watching the sunset. “I can’t believe how much my life has changed in such a short time,” she said, her voice filled with a mix of relief and sadness.

“You’re stronger than you know, Jess,” I replied. “And you’re doing the right thing for yourself and your baby.”

A few weeks later, the audit results arrived, revealing significant financial misconduct in Kevin’s company. The news spread like wildfire, and his life started to unravel. His business was in shambles, his reputation destroyed, and he now faced a costly divorce.

Jess, on the other hand, found her footing, and our friendship blossomed. She kept the baby, and I was there to support her every step of the way.

One day, as we sat in the living room, she turned to me, her eyes filled with gratitude. “I don’t know what I would have done without you, Bridget. You’ve been my rock.”

I smiled, feeling a warmth I hadn’t felt in a long time. “We women have to stick together,” I said. “And sometimes, karma just needs a little push.”

Kevin learned this the hard way. He lost everything: his business, his reputation, and his control over Jess. Meanwhile, I found a sense of closure and satisfaction in knowing that justice had been served.

You see, life has a funny way of coming full circle, and in the end, what goes around really does come around.

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