My Husband Abandoned Me and Our Children for His Lover — I Got Revenge after Seeing My Mother-in-Law

Hannah is startled and heartbroken after she finds shocking photos of her husband, Charles, with his young coworker, Madison. With her world falling apart, Hannah doesn’t know what to do, but a visit to her mother-in-law’s gives her a secret weapon. Can Hannah use this new evidence to get the revenge she deserves?

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Sitting in my living room, I stared at my phone, my hands trembling.

It all started a week ago when my friend Sarah mentioned she had seen Charles with a young woman at a café. I brushed it off, thinking it was a misunderstanding.

But something gnawed at me, and I decided to ask Sarah to keep an eye out.


Now, Sarah’s message popped up with several pictures attached. I opened them, and there they were — Charles and Madison, his 20-year-old coworker, entering a hotel together.

They were laughing and holding hands, the intimacy between them unmistakable.

“How could you do this to me, Charles? To our kids?” I muttered in disbelief.

That evening, he walked through the front door, his face lighting up with a smile.

“Hannah, what’s wrong?” he asked.

“Don’t play dumb, Charles,” I said, glaring at him. I showed him the photos on my phone, and his face went pale.

“Hannah, I can explain—”

“Explain? There’s nothing to explain! You’ve been cheating on me with Madison. How long has this been going on?”

“A… few months,” he said, sitting on the couch and burying his face in his palms.

“A few months?” I gasped. “And you didn’t think to tell me? Or end it?”

Charles looked at me with tired eyes. “I’m sorry, Hannah. I never meant for it to go this far.”

“Sorry? That’s all you have to say?” I couldn’t believe his nonchalance. The man I married, the father of my children, was sitting there, admitting his affair like it was no big deal.

“I think we should get a divorce,” he said quietly.

I stared at him, stunned. “You–you don’t even want to try to fix this? Fight for us? Our kids?” I asked, my heart breaking.

He shook his head. “No, Hannah. It’s over.”

I realized our life together, the family we built, meant nothing to him.

After Charles left, my life turned upside down.

I moved into a small apartment with the kids, barely scraping by. The settlement I received was meager, barely enough to cover our basic needs. I had hoped to keep things stable for the children, but every month was a struggle to pay rent.

One evening, after putting the kids to bed, I sat down with my laptop to look for ways to make ends meet. My job as a part-time receptionist wasn’t enough, and I started searching for freelance work, anything that could help us get by.

As I browsed the internet, something caught my eye. A listing for our old marital home popped up. I clicked on it out of curiosity, and my heart sank.

Charles had listed it for an outrageous amount — far more than it was valued at during the financial order.

“How could he do this?” I muttered to myself, feeling the sting of injustice.

Charles had lied about the house’s value during the divorce proceedings. He’d manipulated the system to leave me with almost nothing. The unfairness of it all consumed me.

How was I supposed to provide for our children when he had taken everything?

I picked up my phone, hoping to distract myself. I logged into my social media, and I froze. Suddenly, a post from Madison popped up. My heart sank as I read it.

She was beaming in the photo, her hand resting on a small baby bump. The caption read, “Excited to announce our new home and our little one on the way! #blessed. 👪 💗”

I couldn’t believe it. Charles and Madison were expecting a baby and moving into a new house. The same man who had left me and our kids with nothing was starting a new life, buying a house for his mistress and their future child.

Anger and frustration boiled inside me. How could he be so heartless? How could he neglect his own children while preparing to welcome another?

“Mom, are you okay?” my daughter, Emily, asked, pulling me out of my thoughts. She was rubbing her eyes.

I forced a smile. “Yes, sweetie, I’m fine. Just looking at something on my phone. Did you need something?”

“No, I was just scared. Are you okay?”

“Yes, honey,” I said, scooping her up. “Let’s get you back to bed.”

But I wasn’t fine. I was livid. Charles was ready to start a new chapter of his life, leaving me to struggle alone. I longed for revenge but didn’t know where to start.

The next morning, I thought about it all, and then I visited Margaret, my former mother-in-law.

She had always been kind to me, and I hoped she might have some advice.

Margaret welcomed me into her cozy home with a warm hug. “Hannah, it’s so good to see you. Come in, sit down.”

I took a seat on her comfortable couch across from her.

“Margaret, I don’t know what to do,” I began. “Charles is starting a new life with Madison, buying a house and expecting a baby, while I’m struggling to provide for our kids. And I just found out he lied about the house’s value during the divorce.”

Margaret took a deep breath and looked me in the eyes. “I can’t let him get away with this, Hannah,” she said firmly. “He needs to learn that his actions have consequences.”

I looked at her, surprised. “What do you mean?”

Margaret got up and walked over to a small desk in the corner of the room. She pulled out a folder and handed it to me. “I know he forged those documents,” she said. “And I have proof. Took me some time to get these papers.”

I opened the folder and saw copies of the original appraisals and sale documents. They clearly showed the true value of the house, which was much higher than what Charles had presented during the divorce proceedings.

“Margaret, this is incredible,” I said, feeling a glimmer of hope. “With this evidence, we can prove he lied.”

She nodded. “I’ll testify against him. Charles needs to understand that his actions have hurt you and the children. He can’t just walk away from his responsibilities.”

Tears welled up in my eyes. “Thank you, Margaret. I don’t know what I’d do without your help.”

She placed a comforting hand on my shoulder. “We’re family, Hannah. And family looks out for each other. We’ll get through this together.”

For the first time in a long while, I felt a sense of relief.

With Margaret’s support, I contacted my lawyer, Stephen, and we prepared our case to take back to court. The days leading up to the hearing were tense, but I knew I had to stay strong for my kids and myself.

On the day of the court hearing, I walked into the courthouse with Margaret by my side. We took our seats, and soon the proceedings began.

Stephen presented our case with precision, detailing Charles’s deceitful actions.

“Your Honor, these are the original appraisals and sale documents for the marital home,” he said, holding up the original documents Margaret had given us.

“As you can see, the true value of the house is significantly higher than what was reported during the divorce proceedings. These documents have been altered by Mr. Nelson to deceive my client and cheat her out of a fair settlement.”

Judge Anderson examined the documents carefully. “Mr. Nelson, do you have any explanation for these discrepancies?” he asked.

Charles’s lawyer stood up, trying to defend him. “Your Honor, we believe there may have been a misunderstanding. My client—”

Judge Anderson interrupted, “A misunderstanding? The differences between these documents are significant and suggest intentional fraud. This court takes such allegations seriously.”

Soon, Margaret took the stand.

She described in detail how Charles had altered the documents. “I found these original documents in Charles’s office,” she said firmly. “He misrepresented the house’s value to leave Hannah and the children with almost nothing.”

Charles looked visibly uncomfortable, shifting in his seat. “That’s not true!” he shouted, but the judge silenced him with a sharp look.

“Mr. Nelson, please remain quiet while the witness is speaking,” Judge Anderson said sternly.

As Margaret finished, Stephen spoke again. “Given the evidence of Mr. Nelson’s actions, we ask the court to award my client the fair share of the house’s true value, along with additional damages for the emotional distress caused by his deceit.”

Judge Anderson nodded, making notes.

The hearing came to an end shortly after that, and it was time for the verdict.

“After reviewing the evidence and hearing the testimony,” Judge Anderson began, “the court finds that Mr. Nelson committed fraud. The court rules in favor of Ms. Hannah, awarding her the fair share of the house’s true value, along with additional damages for the fraud and emotional distress. Mr. Nelson will also face legal repercussions for his actions.”

A wave of relief washed over me.

“We did it, Hannah. He’s finally getting what he deserves,” Margaret said, hugging me tightly.

I smiled, tears of gratitude in my eyes. “Thank you, Margaret. I couldn’t have done this without you.”

With Margaret’s blessing, I decided to share my story on social media. I wanted others to know the truth and feel empowered to stand up for themselves. The post went viral, and Charles’s reputation was utterly destroyed. He lost everything — his job, his new relationship, and Madison, too!

Meanwhile, I emerged stronger and more determined than ever. I was grateful for the unexpected ally I found in Margaret and the fact that my children and I were safe and secure.

What would you have done?


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