Naughty Giant Horse Shows Owner That When He Says NO, It’s NO

Horses sometimes can do many things that are annoying or frustrating for horse owners. They are generally very sweet and well behaved but sometimes they refuse to do even the simplest tasks you ask them. Take for example the beautiful Dutch Draft Horse named Kim who simply refuses to go forward whenever his owner asks him to do so.  The owner says that Kim is just being headstrong and lazy and that she must ‘push her’ until she gives in.

The video was uploaded on YouTube by Kim’s owner and although it’s short in length it is very fun to watch. That’s why it has more than 2 million views and although it was posted nearly 6 years ago, it is still viewed and shared by many people from all over the world.  We think it is because of the huge horse who has a gorgeous coat color, mane, and tail.

In fact, all the Dutch Draft horses are known for being large horses, stong and solidly build. The most precious characteristic of them is not their strength or its size but is its particularly quiet temperament and the unhurriedness of its steps. It is a quiet horse that is humble, loyal, and undemanding.


Despite that fact, the Dutch Draft can respond quickly when the situation obliges.  Therefore, despite being identified as a quiet horse, it can “turn a lively foot” when needed, or in Kim’s case, whenever she finds it necessary. Watch the interesting video below and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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