Newborn Foal Tries Standing For The First Time While Mom Observes Him

The first time a baby horse stands up is a significant moment in its life. It marks the beginning of its journey towards independence and mobility. The process of a baby horse standing up is a natural and instinctive behavior, but it requires strength, balance, and coordination. When a foal is born, it usually takes a few minutes to an hour before it attempts to stand up. The mother horse, also known as the mare, encourages her baby to stand up by nudging it gently with her nose. The foal will then try to lift its head and front legs to prop itself up. It may take a few attempts before the foal can stand up, as it needs to find the right balance and coordination.

Once the foal stands up, it is a moment of triumph and celebration for the mare and the rest of the herd. The foal will wobble and sway a bit, trying to find its footing, but it quickly learns to use its legs and find stability. The mare will guide her baby to take its first steps, often staying close by and offering reassurance. The first stand is a crucial milestone in a baby horse’s development, as it sets the foundation for future growth and mobility. It strengthens the foal’s muscles, improves coordination and balance, and helps to establish a bond between the mare and foal.

As the foal grows, it will practice standing up and walking more frequently, becoming stronger and more confident with each attempt. Eventually, it will be able to gallop and run with the rest of the herd, exploring its environment and learning to become an independent individual. All in all, the first stand of a baby horse is a magical moment that symbolizes the start of a new life. It is a testament to the strength, resilience, and natural instincts of these majestic animals. Observing a baby horse’s first stand is a unique and unforgettable experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who witnesses it.


In the following video, we will show you a Gypsy baby horse trying to stand for the very first time! The name of the beautiful foal is Samson and he was about 30 mins old at the time. On the other side, the mother monitors her little baby just so everything is fine and under control. Such a beautiful moment to watch. For more, watch the video below! Please leave a comment on the video, and do not forget to spread out the video on social media with your loved ones!

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