Only 2% can find the 2 mistakes in this picture!

Alright, let us place those people observation capabilities to the check and see how eager your eye is!

In this seemingly tranquil beach scene, a pair enjoys a day hand in hand, relishing the oceanfront view.

Yet, amidst the clear perfection, there lurk not one, but TWO key mistakes.

Get ready to concentrate, since these illusions are trickier than they appear to be!

And now, the moment of truth of the matter! Let us unveil how observant you genuinely are. Greatest of luck!

The first blunder unveils itself in the sort of TWO moons in the picture—a total moon and a crescent moon.

Undoubtedly an impossibility!

The second error is the presence of an excess hand holding the cell phone.

Very a obvious miscalculation in this seemingly idyllic impression!

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