Owner Shows The Beauty Of Her Horse With A Braided Mane

We can’t deny that all horse owners like to take care of their horses’ appearance and often try various styles to braid their horses’ mane. Horse mane “braiding” is actually a tradition that goes back decades before, and has its origins in European traditions.

There was a period where horses became the principal source of transport in both everyday life and military battles and braiding became a very helpful method to stop soldiers’ buttons or weapons from getting trapped up in their horses’ manes. Ever since then, braiding was also used in many equine shows, as a good way to recognize racehorses from one another.

Many horses, especially Thoroughbreds are usually required to have their own styling to their manes. Despite that, you can see beautiful braiding in all horses, not just racehorses. Braiding your horses’ mane is a good way to prevent them from having their manes and tails tangled and it eliminates filth, knots, and rubbish. Whenever we see a horse with a beautifully braided mane we immediately think that his owner has taken proper care of him.


Nowadays, braiding has made a comeback and it is widely preferred by many horse owners because not only it keeps your horse’s hair healthy, but it also gives them a flawless, good-looking appearance. It needs to be said that not every horse can look good with a braided mane. They look wonderful particularly on horses with dense, rich manes, like the horse shown in the video below. Kudos to his owner for doing such a beautiful braid!

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