Rescued Horses Run To Pasture Delivering A Unique View

Love horses? Then I think you’ll absolutely love this video. The Duchess Sanctuary, operated by The Fund for Animals in partnership with the HSUS, is an 1120-acre facility located near Oakland, OR. It’s a gorgeous, vast oasis for hundreds of formerly abused, abandoned, neglected, and homeless horses. In the short-and-sweet clip below, the staff is ready to rotate 110 rescued horses to different pastures.

Watch these gorgeous horses come galloping down the hill, straight towards the camera and into their new field, in all of their “glorious, muddy filthiness!” I nearly cried tears of joy watching the herd run freely towards the open grass. The amount of rescued horses here is almost overwhelming! These beautiful animals are so deserving of their newfound freedom, especially considering the nightmarish conditions from which they were rescued.

The majority of horses at the Sanctuary are mares rescued from the pregnant mare urine (PMU) industry and their offspring. Many of the former PMU mares spent their lives confined to stalls, impregnated and used for their urine. Some foals were fated to join their mothers in this type of hell while others were sent to slaughter.


That’s what makes this video so incredible to watch. It is a testimony of how much do horses enjoy being free. As for horses, we can tell that they are some of the most beautiful horses there. The only thing left to do is watch the video below and drop a comment with your thought on it. If you really like the video, please do not forget to share it on your page.

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