Sassy Horse Has Internet In Laughter After Stealing Food From Man

A video that has recently been making rounds on social media has captured the attention of animal lovers everywhere. The video features a beautiful and clever horse who steals food from its owner in a hilarious and playful manner. The video takes place on an open truck, where bags of food are readily accessible. Suddenly, the horse comes galloping from behind and takes one bag of food with its mouth. The horse is seen proudly walking away with its prize, leaving the owner in disbelief. The entire scene is captured on camera and has had people in fits of laughter since it was first shared on social media.

The horse’s mischievous behavior has not only amused social media users but has also sparked a debate among horse owners. Some believe that the horse was simply trying to satisfy its hunger, while others think that the horse was just playing around and having fun. Regardless of the reason, the video is a testament to the intelligence and playful nature of horses. Horses are known for their majestic beauty and grace, but this video shows that they also have a sense of humor.

Horses are highly social animals and have been known to engage in play behavior, just like any other animal. This video is a prime example of a horse’s playful nature and its ability to bring joy and laughter to those who watch it. The video has quickly gone viral, with millions of views and shares on social media platforms. The video has brought a smile to the faces of many and has served as a reminder of the unique personalities and characteristics of these magnificent animals.


In conclusion, the video of the horse stealing food is a lighthearted and entertaining reminder of the playful and intelligent nature of horses. It is a must-watch for anyone who loves animals and wants to have a good laugh. So, if you’re looking for a good laugh and a dose of cuteness, be sure to check out this hilarious video of a horse stealing food from its owner. Please watch the video below for more, let us know your opinion on the video, and do not forget to spread out the video on social media with your friends and family in order to make them laugh as well.

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