Sassy Horse Melts Hearts As She Joins Her Owner In Making Snow Angels

At West Meadow Farm in Bradford, New Hampshire, a special bond between a woman and her horse is capturing hearts everywhere. Sandy Hodskins, the owner of the farm, has formed a unique relationship with West Wind, a 17-year-old Kiger Mustang mare. Through the study of Natural Horsemanship, Sandy has been able to connect with West Wind on a deeper level, allowing them to enjoy life’s simple pleasures together – like making snow angels. Sandy Hodskins acquired West Wind as a yearling from Bend, Oregon, and since then, they have been inseparable. Together, they study Natural Horsemanship, a method that focuses on understanding horse psychology to forge strong connections in various equine activities such as recreation, training, and competition.

During a recent snowstorm, Sandy and her husband were busy clearing the farm of snow. After completing her shoveling duties, Sandy decided to bring West Wind to a new paddock filled with untouched, freshly fallen snow. Inspired by the pristine beauty of the landscape and feeling a sense of nostalgia, Sandy began making snow angels in the powdery white blanket. Sandy’s playful activity piqued West Wind’s curiosity, and the mare decided to join in the fun. West Wind laid down beside Sandy, rolling around in the snow to create her very own snow angel. Sandy’s understanding of West Wind’s love for laying down in fresh snow allowed her to predict and delight in her mare’s decision to participate.

Sandy’s snow angel-making adventure with West Wind is a beautiful reminder of the importance of embracing the fun and innocence of childhood, even as we grow older. Amidst the chaos and responsibilities of adulthood, it’s essential to find moments of joy and laughter – whether that’s playing in the snow or simply spending quality time with our beloved animal companions. The heartwarming story of Sandy Hodskins and her snow angel-making Kiger Mustang, West Wind, is a testament to the power of Natural Horsemanship and the deep bonds that can be formed between humans and their equine partners.


As we witness the playful antics of this extraordinary duo, we’re reminded of the importance of finding joy in the simplest of moments and cherishing the connection we share with the animals in our lives. This video simply made my day beautiful. Please have a look at the beautiful video below for more, let us know your thoughts on the video, and do not forget to spread out the video with your friends and family in order make their day beautiful as well.

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