Survivors Of This School Shooting Have To Wear Clear Backpacks Now And They Are Fighting Back

Students that survived the mass shooting at their high school in Parkland, Florida returned to school at Douglas High School after their spring break. When they arrived they immediately received new security measures and one of them is carrying a clear backpack at all times.

The administration of the school claims that these backpacks will provide extra safety as they can see everything that the children are carrying with them. How did it go down with the students? Not very good.

They hate it, especially the girls as they feel they would not be able to hide their tampons and other components needed for their menstrual time. Outrage against the new security measure and gun violence in the country was expressed in a unique way.

The students started filling their backpacks with loads and loads of tampons and even some boys joined the cause. Cameron Kasky was one of them and he went on and tweeted about his experience, “I only got lights. I didn’t know. Getting supers for tomorrow. Sizes, pricing… I’m learning new things about women’s health right now. This stuff is expensive. Steps must be taken to make these health products easier to access.”

16-year-old Rachel Padnis, however, had a different opinion on the clear backpacks, “Personally, I think that clear backpacks aren’t that big of a hassle. If it even makes one person at my school feel safer, I am willing to make that sacrifice.”

“It’s actually pretty funny to walk through the hallways and see all the jokes everyone has written on them,” Rachel said. “Although there are a whole bunch of complaints about them and I am feeling like my privacy has been taken away, I think they have brought a lot of real laughter back to my school which was missing for a while.”

Another student names Padnis feels that if people want to carry guns they will and nothing will stop them, “I see many students with lunchboxes in their backpacks that go unchecked as well as zipper pouches which seems to defeat the intended purpose and the police presence has gone down significantly.”

She feels that the issue is complex and some other alternative measures should be put in place as well. “I feel like metal detectors or some kind of detector wand would be much more beneficial, but there’s also the fact that it would take a really long time for everyone to get scanned upon their entry to my school since there are about 3,200 students who go here.”

Hilarious photos were collected, where students made their thoughts clear through writing and filling their backpacks up with various items. Let’s have a look! Some conservative people might not like this very much.

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