Teens Kicked Out of School for ‘Blackface’ Photo Receive $1 Million After Proving it Was Acne Mask

Teens Who Were Expelled for ‘Blackface’ Photo Receive $1 Million After Proving it Was an Acne Mask

In 2017, a misunderstanding at Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, California, led to the expulsion of some students. The school believed these students had donned blackface, which led to immediate and serious consequences. However, it was later revealed that the students were simply using an acne treatment mask. This realization has resulted in a significant turn of events, with the students receiving a $1 million settlement.

Blackface Leads to Trouble

The trouble began with a photo of three 14-year-old boys from the school, which circulated online and caused outrage. The boys were accused of mocking a painful part of U.S. history. However, it was soon determined that this was a misunderstanding. The boys were merely supporting a friend who was dealing with acne, using a skincare mask.

Saint Francis High School, known for its high academic standards and its commitment to student development, found itself in the spotlight. The controversial photo was posted in 2017, but it didn’t gain attention until 2020 during a period of heightened sensitivity around racial issues.

Going Viral During Controversy

The photo went viral in 2020, a year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and significant social unrest. It appeared to show the students in blackface, leading to their immediate expulsion. The boys, whose identities have been kept private for their protection, faced significant backlash from their community.

According to the boys, the dark color of their faces was due to an acne mask that starts green and darkens as it dries. The lighting in the photo further contributed to the misunderstanding, leading school officials to wrongly accuse the boys.

Blackface Misconceptions

This week, the Santa Clara County Court reviewed the situation and determined that the boys were falsely accused. The court found that the boys had not been granted proper due process before their expulsion. As a result, each student will receive $500,000, in addition to having their $70,000 tuition reimbursed. Krista Baughman, one of the teen’s attorneys, commented, “This case is significant not only for our clients but for its groundbreaking effect on all private high schools in California. The jury rightly confirmed that Saint Francis High School’s procedures were unfair.”

The boys initially filed a lawsuit seeking $20 million, accusing the school of defamation and violating their free speech rights. While they didn’t receive the full amount, the settlement is seen as a victory for their families and legal team.

Saint Francis High School has expressed its disagreement with the court’s decision and is considering its legal options, including the possibility of an appeal. One of the boys’ families shared in a statement, “We want to sincerely thank the jury and the court system for helping our boys and our families find justice and clear their names.”

Incredible Skincare

The misinterpreted mask was actually part of a skincare line by Origins. Known for its natural approach, Origins has been a popular name in skincare since the 1980s, offering a range of products that help with everything from oil control to skin brightening. The brand’s commitment to plant-based ingredients has made it a favorite around the globe.

Given the current racial tensions in the country, it’s not surprising that a photo appearing to show blackface would be misunderstood. Charcoal and other dark-colored ingredients have become popular in beauty products, such as teeth-whitening toothpaste and acne masks. These products are here to stay, especially in the beauty industry.

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