The husband was away for three weeks and took this picture upon his return. When he looked closely at the photo, he immediately told her that he wants a divorce. What detail compromised the young wife?

Sometimes everything seems to be against us, even though we never thought it possible. The story of this mysterious photograph has made its way around the world and the internet.

It’s about a newlywed couple, where the husband had to leave home for three weeks.

Nothing disturbed the love of the two young people during this time, except for the fact that they had to be separated from each other.

On the evening of the husband’s return home, a day earlier than the young wife expected, she was waiting for him lovingly in their marital bed.

Out of joy, the husband took a wonderful photo of his wife, and everything went back to normal. However, the next day, looking closely at the photo taken the night before, he discovered something that made him immediately demand a divorce.

In the picture, he sees his wife with a smile on her face, and in one corner, he notices the face of a man hidden under the marital bed on which his beautiful wife was sitting.

The story goes that the wife did not know exactly when her husband was returning, and at that moment, she hid her lover under the bed, but he did not hide well and appeared in the photograph.

After the incident, the two divorced, but unfortunately, to this day, nothing concrete is known about the “mysterious lover under the bed.”

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