The Love of Burt Reynolds’ Life, Yet Estranged for His Final 30 Years

When Burt Reynolds passed away in 2018, many people felt really sad. He was a famous actor known for his charm, but he struggled with his health in his final days.

Sally Field, Burt’s girlfriend, was deeply affected by his death. She had been quiet about their relationship until then. Burt had openly admitted that Sally was his true love in an honest interview with Vanity Fair.

Their love story had challenges. Burt pushed for Sally to be in the movie “Smokey and the Bandit” when the directors hesitated because they didn’t think she was “sexy enough.” Burt’s support helped her get the part, and their on-screen chemistry was clear. They worked together in other movies, like “Hooper” and “The End,” becoming a famous Hollywood pair.

Their nearly five-year engagement was closely followed by the media, making their love story popular. But in 1980, they decided to break up, ending what seemed like a happy ending.

Behind the scenes, Sally revealed in her autobiography that Burt had used his fame to manipulate her and others. She felt like she had lost herself in the relationship. Despite Burt proposing several times, Sally believed it wasn’t good for either of them to continue.

After the breakup, both dated other people. Burt regretted the split, admitting he was foolish, but Sally had stopped talking to him.

Sally spoke out after Burt’s death, saying there are enduring moments in life. She’ll always remember her years with Burt. Burt passed away in 2018 at the age of 82.

Now 76, Sally talked openly about her love for Burt in an interview with NPR. She remembered him nostalgically, saying he played a huge role in her life for a brief time.

Sally was relieved Burt didn’t see her memoir, as it described their relationship as confusing and hurtful. Despite the complications, she still holds affection for him and cherishes the memories they created.

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