Today’s Chuckle: A Mishap at the Hotel

You can never go wrong with a little laugh, and our joke of the day is the perfect way to add some humor to your day. Let’s get started with some lighthearted fun right away.

So yesterday, I found myself traveling to a motel with my mistress. As soon as we got there, I noticed my father-in-law’s vehicle in the parking lot.

My excitement for our meeting vanished instantly. Considering the situation, I was nervous about the possibility of running into him—potential problems was the last thing I wanted.

My mistress left, understandably irritated, when I reluctantly told her that today was definitely not the day for our adventures.

I ended up getting into some trouble and smashing the car’s two mirrors out of irritation and disappointment. I decided to check up on him the next morning with a sly smile, prepared to make jokes about his car without a mirror. He was not amused at all, much to my surprise.


“What’s up, you seem really disturbed?” Playing the ignorant, I asked.

His response, which was abrupt and weighty, was, “How could I not be? Your wife returned the car without the mirrors after I lent it to her yesterday.

And here’s another joke to keep you laughing:


“Daddy, I’d like to get married.”

“To start, I apologize!”

However, why?


Please accept my apologies!

For what purpose? What action did I take?


“You must say you’re sorry!”

“But why?”

“I apologized,” I said.

“Please just tell me why!!!”

“First, I’m sorry.”

“All right, dad… I apologize!

“Just right, you’re all set! The training you received is now complete. You can marry when you have the ability to apologize without cause.

It’s true that laughter is a lovely diversion from the everyday grind. Recall that a day void of laughing is a wasted day. Keep checking back for your daily fix of humor!

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