Trevor Engelson’s Revenge – Let’s Do It Yourself

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have celebrated five years of marital bliss. Yet, beneath the glitz, few are aware of Meghan’s prior union with Trevor Engelson, a chapter that concluded on a sour note. Today, both Meghan and Trevor have moved forward, content in their new relationships. But what has become of Trevor, and what subtle retaliation has he enacted against Meghan?

Born on October 23, 1976, in Great Neck, New York, Trevor Engelson embarked on his journey in the entertainment industry as a production assistant, steadily ascending the ranks to become a respected film producer. Notable among his projects is the 2010 film “Remember Me,” featuring a cameo by Meghan. His repertoire includes productions such as “License to Wed,” “All About Steve,” and his executive producer role in the TV series “Snowfall.”

Presently, Trevor presides over a talent management empire in Los Angeles when not engaged in on-set endeavors. His acclaim burgeons, particularly with the success of the FX television series “Snowfall,” and he oversees his own management and production venture, Underground.

The tale of Meghan and Trevor intertwines in the mid-2000s when their paths first converged. Following a seven-year courtship, they exchanged vows in September 2011 in a lavish Jamaican celebration spanning three days of revelry.

During their union, Meghan graced the screens as a briefcase model on “Deal or No Deal,” yet Trevor’s commitment to visiting her on set waned, noticeably absent compared to other spouses and companions. His demanding schedule seemed to preclude deeper involvement in Meghan’s burgeoning career.

As Meghan’s star ascended with her role in “Suits,” necessitating a move to Toronto for filming, the strain of a long-distance relationship strained their marriage, culminating in divorce in 2013 due to “irreconcilable differences.” The split blindsided Trevor, exacerbated by Meghan’s symbolic return of her engagement and wedding rings.

Following the divorce, Trevor briefly dated Bethenny Frankel of “Real Housewives of New York” fame before embarking on a professional endeavor in 2017: a television project centered on a man navigating shared custody post-divorce, intriguingly mirroring his own experiences.

However, fortune smiled upon Trevor with his encounter with Tracey Kurland, whom he married in 2019, welcoming two daughters into their lives. Tracey hails from affluence, her father amassing a fortune in the mortgage industry. Described by a friend as blissfully content, Trevor relishes fatherhood and revels in his privacy, far from the public eye.

Trevor Engelson’s narrative serves as a testament to resilience after heartache, illustrating that triumph can emerge from unexpected quarters. Finding solace in personal contentment and professional achievement, he embodies the notion that the most potent retaliation is a life well-lived.

Amidst Meghan and Harry’s triumphs and tribulations, Trevor Engelson charts his own course, brimming with love, fulfillment, and accomplishment.

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