Two Rejected Foals Are Finally Living The Life They Deserve

I believe that there is not a single horse fan who doesn’t love foals, appreciates standing close to them, watch them grow day by day, and taking care of them. As we know, foals need their mother’s care very much, especially during the first moments of their life because only their mothers can feed them, take care of them the whole time and give them all the love they deserve.

Of course, even horse owners play an important part in foals’ life and due to everything that humans and horses share together, it’s obvious that they love each other very much. We lack the right words to describe this extraordinary bond, but I think that we can all agree that it is a sort of feeling that never ends no matter how many challenges are on their way.

But sadly, not all horse owners treat their horses the way they deserve. A terrible person abandoned two poor foals and left them all alone on the verge of death. Luckily, there are still good people who do good gestures and they managed to save the foals right in time.


If the RSPCA wouldn’t go to rescue them, they would be dead in just a few hours. When the rescue workers went there, they noticed that the poor foals were in terrible condition. They were famished, anemic, and they were so thin, that they couldn’t even stand on their feet. Thankfully, both foals are now healing and finally get to live the life they deserve. We are all so happy that these foals are well and alive!

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