Unedited Photo Shows The Real Gilligan’s Island

One of the most beloved TV shows of all time is Gilligan’s Island. Despite the fact that it only ran for a couple of seasons, the reruns continued to play for many years and even young children are familiar with the show today.

When you watch Gilligan’s Island, it isn’t for the purpose of learning anything new. In fact, it is fun just to watch the show and enjoy the crazy antics without really thinking about what is going on in the background. We know that it isn’t real.

If you do pay attention, however, you may notice that there are some bloopers that happen from time to time. These bloopers aren’t easily seen but once you see them, you can’t un-see them.

For example, in the first episode, it seems as if the SS minnow was leaning on its side and then it was standing upright on the beach. That is just one example of the many different bloopers that make the show interesting. One blooper even allowed the skyline to be seen through the trees in the background.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look for all of these bloopers on your own. All you have to do is check out this video, because it explores the best bloopers and where you can find them.

Source: usa-information.com

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