Video Goes Viral Of Egyptian Factory Making Ketchup, Heinz Does ‘Damage Control’

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in December 2016.

Heinz, the iconic ketchup manufacturer, is fiercely defending its commitment to quality after a controversial video surfaced, purportedly showing rotten tomatoes being used at their Egyptian factory. The footage, which has been widely shared online, appears to show a man standing on open boxes of tomatoes and throwing them into a large outdoor vat at a facility near Cairo.

In response to the uproar, Heinz quickly issued a statement dismissing the allegations as “completely misleading and inaccurate.”

Although Heinz Egypt acknowledged that the footage was taken at their plant, the company asserted that the “edited” video misrepresents their production process. “The revised footage shows an unreal picture and neglects the processing stages, hence gives the wrong impression,” the company stated.

Heinz further reassured its consumers by emphasizing, “We use only healthy tomatoes, all of which are processed using industry-best standards. As always, we continue 100 percent committed to the cleanliness and quality of our tomatoes and the safety of our consumers.”

Despite these assurances, the video has sparked significant concern among customers in Egypt. Many believe Heinz’s statement did not go far enough to address their worries, and they are calling for the company to release its own video showing the complete process of how their famous ketchup is made.

Heinz UK also stepped in to address the controversy, highlighting that “safety and quality of our foods is always our first priority.” In a statement to MailOnline, Heinz UK said, “We are aware of recent TV programs and social media posts making unfounded allegations about the Heinz manufacturing facility in Egypt. We can reassure consumers that the pictures linked to this story do not represent our factory in a truthful way and do not reflect the exacting quality standards we follow during our production process. Consumers can continue to love Heinz products in complete confidence.”

Heinz Egypt, which was established 25 years ago, currently holds a dominant position in the market, accounting for 75 percent of the ketchup sales in the country, according to The New Arab.

This incident underscores the challenges multinational companies face in maintaining their reputation and ensuring quality control across different regions. Heinz’s immediate and firm response aims to mitigate any potential damage and reaffirm their dedication to the highest standards of quality. By addressing the concerns transparently and standing by their commitment to quality, Heinz strives to reassure their loyal customer base and uphold their legacy as a trusted brand worldwide.

As the situation develops, Heinz remains vigilant and committed to providing the best quality products to its consumers, reaffirming that the integrity of their production process is intact.

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