Wife Caught Husband Kissing Her Sister in the Bathroom

Diana is already battling with melancholy when she observes her biggest nightmare: her husband kissing her sister. She gets aid from her therapist, Dr. Carrey. But what appeared to be a typical therapy session becomes terrifying when Dr. Carrey discovers a horrifying information on Diana’s phone.Diana returned home and heard her husband Hamilton and sister chatting in the bathroom. When she looked in through the slightly ajar door, she noticed them kissing in the mirror reflection.

Her mind raced, so she stepped back. She felt her body shivering. No, this cannot be happening!”Hamilton! I watched you two kiss! “You and Evie, come out right now!” she screamed as she collected herself. When she didn’t get a response, she burst into the bathroom and discovered her husband alone. “Where is she?” “Where’s Evie?!” she demanded.

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“She is not here, Diana,” Hamilton remarked. “This happens every time you return home after seeing your therapist. You have to stop this! I was just getting set to surprise you, and you destroyed everything! Please stop harming yourself and others.But Diana did not believe him.She scanned the entire bathroom and couldn’t believe Evie wasn’t present.

“Do you trust me now?” Hamilton inquired. “There’s no one here.” But Diana refused to stop. She searched the other rooms and found no one. Hamilton claimed that she was anxious or imagining things, and Evie briefly believed him. But just then, they heard a splash from the restroom. Had Evie hid in the bubble bath? Diana dashed back to the bathroom but discovered no one.

“How?” She was perplexed. “I heard…” I heard a splash. Someone was here!”Hamilton, hovering near the threshold, sighed. “There is no one here, honey.” Please! Relax!”Diana’s shoulders dropped as he spoke. Was she really going crazy? “I… I am sorry. I’m not sure what got into me. “I’ve just been so tired lately,” she explained, embarrassed. “I was so sure I saw Evie here!”

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Hamilton soothed her. “Let’s forget about this, okay? We need to discuss what’s actually troubling you. “So, what is it?” Diana groaned and shook her head. “I keep feeling like I’m losing my mind,” she admitted. “I think I’m losing you to someone, maybe my own sister.” Hamilton told her that he just loved her and encouraged her not to give in to her concerns. But Diana couldn’t hear what he was saying. Her thoughts turned to a baby… the youngster was wailing.

“I can hear her crying,” she said quietly, lost in thought. “I can hear her crying, Hamilton.” She closed her eyes. My baby! “Diana! Diana!” Hamilton’s voice jolted her out of her thoughts. He offered, “Hey, why don’t you take a bath?” “Look, you should forget what occurred that night. I will get your favorite bath bomb and make your bath. Alright?”

Diana consented, seeing his worry, but as she entered the restroom, her thoughts raced with doubts once more. She saw “Kiss me!” scribbled in her sister’s handwriting on the fogged shower door. Diana approached Hamilton with the message, but when they looked again, it was gone. Hamilton tried to tell Diana that he was not cheating on her, but her trust dwindled.

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Diana met with her therapist, Dr. Carrey, the next day to discuss her anxieties. “I think Hamilton is cheating on me with my sister, Evie.” There are indicators, such as her handwriting and perfume, which I can sometimes smell when I go home.” Dr. Carrey nodded, taking notes. “Anything else on your mind that you’d like to discuss?” was his query.Diana’s gaze strayed, caught in a distant memory.

“I keep hearing this sound. Like a baby weeping in the rain, on the road. It’s unsettling. “It keeps haunting me,” she said, her voice trembling.”A baby?” “Are you taking your medication?” Diana nodded. Yes, every day. And I’ve invited Evie over for dinner. I hoped that seeing her and Hamilton together would help me understand things.

Dr. Carrey’s eyebrows furrowed in concern. “Are you planning a dinner with Evie?” Tonight?” “Yes,” she replied. “I messaged her this morning. She said that she will come. “Diana, could you show me the text? Which one did you send to your sister?” Diana gave over her phone to Dr. Carrey, who reviewed the messages.”What are you hoping to find out with this dinner?” he was asking.

“I need to know if I’m imagining things or if there’s something between them,” Diana told him. “These messages…” continued Dr. Carrey, “you sent them to your sister?” Yes,” Diana said. “Hamilton and I have had twelve good years, doctor. Everything was fine until Evie arrived in the city. Had I known my own sister was going to try to abduct my husband, I would have taken Hamilton somewhere far away.”

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“It’s good to confront these doubts,” he said. “Now, about these strange sounds, you’ve mentioned—this baby crying—how often do they occur?” Diana looked away, deep in meditation. “I honestly can’t say. It’s sporadic… when I’m alone or with Hamilton. Dr. Carrey leaned forward, giving a soothing smile. “These feelings must be confronted, not allowed to linger. We’ll work this out together, okay? You have nothing to worry about. Just try not to be too stressed.”

Diana nodded, a timid smile spreading across her lips as she stood to depart. “Thank you, Dr. I feel a little lighter already. “I need to get home early to prepare dinner.”Diana felt nervous as she watched Hamilton and Evie engage during supper. Hamilton admired Evie’s professional accomplishments, and they joked about working together. Diana sensed they weren’t joking about it.

Her unease increased as they laughed and flirted discreetly. Diana had had enough. She excused herself and returned with an expensive bottle of wine, which surprised Hamilton and Evie. “Let’s toast to family ties,” Diana added, raising her glass. Evie grinned, uncertainly. “Okay, Diana, but why such a formal toast?” Diana smiled sadly. “It’s just that I’ve been thinking about how much you both mean to me, especially now, as I navigate through my… difficulties.”

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“That’s what family is for, darling,” Hamilton explained. “We’re always here for you.” “By the way, this wine has such a distinct flavor,” he added, sipping the booze.”Yes, it’s quite the blend,” Evie explained. Diana chuckled. “This wine… it’s like the deceit hidden under the guise of family love.” Hamilton and Evie exchanged anxious glances, and the mood became strained. “What do you mean?” Hamilton asked, anxiously refilling his drink.

Did you think I wouldn’t notice? The secret signals, the laughing, the scent… I witnessed it all.” Evie suddenly began coughing. “Wait… wha-what did you do with the wine?” she murmured, frightened. “This is a particular combination for you two. Merlot with hints of vengeance. Cyanide, possibly.” Diana revealed nonchalantly.When Hamilton and Evie recognized the danger, they panicked and coughed furiously. “Diana, this is madness!” Hamilton wept and dashed to the restroom after Evie.

Diana, content with her vengeance, kept eating. “Justice has been served,” she muttered, her tears flowing freely and her heart at ease.Diana panicked, overwhelmed by the weight of her deeds and the haunting sound of a baby sobbing, saying, “Wait!” What did I do? Did I kill them? Did I kill my spouse and sister?” she whispered. Diana wasn’t herself when she contacted 911 and then Dr. Carrey, confessing her deeds in despair.

Dr. Carrey advised her to wait for him and not make hasty judgments. When he arrived, he discovered Diana upset on the floor near the bathroom. “Diana, what happened?” he inquired, trying to remain calm. “I… I poisoned both Hamilton and Evie. I believed they had betrayed me! I believed that was the correct thing to do!” She fell into tears, pointing to their bodies on the bathroom floor.

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Dr. Carrey consoled her, “Diana, there’s no one here.” Remember that you live alone? Diana was puzzled. She insisted on being with Hamilton and Evie, and that’s when Dr. Carrey told the awful reality. “You have been alone for two years, Diana. “Your mind has been playing tricks.” Diana couldn’t believe his statements. She mentioned texting Evie, but Dr. Carrey showed her that the texts were for herself.

He gently reminded her of the horrific accident that killed Hamilton and Evie two years ago, and how she survived but lost her pregnant child. They were returning from supper, and Hamilton insisted on driving their car, but Diana refused.”I couldn’t save them…” she muttered. “I just couldn’t…”Dr. Carrey gazed into her eyes. “What occurred that night, Diana, was a terrible accident. This was not your fault. You did not murder them. You’ve created a fake reality to deal with your guilt and sadness. But it is time to accept the truth.”

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Diana’s doubts began to be cleared after hearing the truth from Dr. Carrey. Her hallucinations and the conviction that her husband and sister had betrayed her were her mind’s attempts to alleviate the agony of their loss. She could see it now. Dr. Carrey then gave her her phone logs, which indicated there was no call to 911, only to him. She burst into tears, relieved but still grieving the loss of her kid, husband, and sister.

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As the truth dawned on her, she clung to Dr. Carrey for comfort. Her husband and sister had left, and it was time to let go of the imagined misdeeds that had haunted her. One year later…Diana found herself back at Dr. Carrey’s office. This time, the weight that had been on her for so long was visibly lighter. Her eyes, which had previously been filled with grief, now had a glimmer of hope. “Diana,” Dr. Carrey smiled warmly, “it’s great to see you again. “How’ve you been?” Diana returned the smile. “Dr. Carrey, I feel better. “I’ve been learning to live again, to honor their memory without feeling guilty.”

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