Wild Horse Thanks The Gentle Man Who Saved Him

One of the most beautiful moments for a horse owner is when their horses show how thankful they are towards the people who want to provide them with the best living conditions or simply help them in a very critical situation in life. We all know that a lot of horses found or saved by owners or animal welfare organizations now have the proper living conditions that every animal should have and these horses are really grateful for meeting these people who made such a huge change in their lives.

We have all seen all those beautiful tender moments of horses and owners. Of course, not all of these videos have necessarily involved horses who come from difficult lives, however, a lot of them do for sure. This is an additional reason to love horses as not only they are beautiful, sweet and really positive but they are also very grateful and at a certain point in life, they will for sure be a shoulder to cry on.

Just think of the lady who wanted to take her own life but the love of her horses stop her from taking this step on her life. The video below is about a wild horse who was in a very difficult situation. Let’s see what this is about. Sadly, it’s a common practice in parts of Romania to keep wild horses chained by their front or hind legs.


This is done to keep the horses from running away. One of these helpless horses shows his gratitude to his savior — veterinarian Ovidiu Rosu — after his front legs are finally freed from the chains wrapped around his front legs, preventing him from walking properly around his homeland in Letea, Romania.


Watch the incredible moment that the horse realizes he can move and gallop again, without pain or suffering. Seeing the wild horse approach Ovidiu and nuzzle his massive head right up to his savior’s face nearly brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful, surreal interaction!


The video proves what I said at the beginning about horses being grateful, which is sometimes all we need at a certain point in life. These adorable animals deserve nothing but the best and I really hope that the future of the horses is brighter than ever. Please watch the video below and share some love for this gorgeous beauty and his savior.

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