With heavy hearts, we announce the passing of

He discussed Angela’s breakthrough moment with her husband, Ken, a former Sun photographer.

A girl was on page three. Yesterday marked the end of Angela Jay’s brief battle with lung cancer.

She also starred in advertisements for boxer Henry Cooper’s Brut Aftershave and Gossard lingerie.

Beside her husband Ken, she passed away in an Eastbourne, East Sussex, hospital. Her age was seventy-one.

He described her as “the perfect girl next door” and described her as a “dared to dream miner’s daughter from the northern pits.”

After moving to Manchester, Angela was noticed by a modeling agency, according to Ken, a 79-year-old former photographer for The Sun. Her birthplace was Sunderland.

“She knew she couldn’t stay there and marry a miner,” he added.

“After she relocated to Manchester, a modeling agency noticed her.”

She was really skilled at it from the start. Very youthful-looking.

Angela was almost prepared to leave. Many of the models require two hours to prepare.

“She looked beautiful even though she was wearing jeans and a dirty t-shirt when I first saw her.”

“I knew she was the one at that point.”

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