Womɑn mɑkes heɑlthy smσothies for hɑppy hσrses

Emma Massingale, a renowned horse trainer and adventurer, takes a break from riding her horses to share an important lesson about building a strong relationship with them. In front of her, she has a collection of fruits and molasses, and she explains their purpose.

Emma reveals that horses often need to be dewormed, but the paste used for deworming has an unpleasant taste. To make the experience more enjoyable for the horses, she decides to create smoothies using tasty fruits. As she speaks, a mischievous dog approaches the table, curious about the delicious treats.

She starts by making a strawberry smoothie, adding strawberries and breaking carrots into the jug. Emma then adds water and blends the mixture together. Taking a cup, she tastes the blended fruits to ensure their flavor.

Next, Emma moves on to making a banana smoothie. She steps away briefly to rinse the jug, and during her absence, the dog returns to help himself to the treats on the table. Upon her return, Emma slices up apples for an apple smoothie, and she proceeds to make a carrot smoothie with molasses, which is a favorite of the horses.

Emma emphasizes that the purpose of creating these smoothies is to provide the horses with a positive experience. By associating the syringing process with pleasant flavors, the horses are more likely to accept and cooperate during less palatable treatments.

For the final smoothie, Emma combines a bit of everything and adds a natural thickening agent. The first horse, Custard, particularly enjoys the molasses. Emma then goes to find the little ponies, who eagerly suck on the syringes, clearly appreciating the sweet smoothie.

Lastly, Emma calls over the Connemara horses, known for their majestic white appearance. They eagerly join in the treat session, enjoying the smoothies just as much as the other horses, if not more. Charlie the donkey also joins the group, savoring the delectable sweetness of the smoothie.

Through this fun and interactive experience, Emma highlights the importance of making positive associations with horses and creating enjoyable moments that strengthen the bond between humans and these magnificent animals.

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