Your Complete Guide To “Best Before” Dates And Their True Significance

Introduction to Food Label Confusion

If you’ve ever experienced food poisoning, you likely pay close attention to food date labels. But have you noticed the different phrases like “best before,” “sell by,” “best by,” and “expires on”? Let’s clarify their meanings.

Standardized Labels Implementation

Due to confusion, the Food Marketing Institute and the Grocery Manufacturers Association have introduced more standardized labels. Now, most food will be labeled either “use by” or “best if used by.”

Meaning of “Use By” and “Best If Used By”

“Use by” applies to highly perishable products or those with food safety concerns; they should be consumed by the listed date. “Best if used by” indicates product quality; the product may not taste or perform as expected but is still safe to consume.

Impact on Food Waste

The goal is to reduce food waste by providing clear labels. Jack Jeffers, Vice President of Quality at Dean Foods, notes that clearer labels will prevent products from being thrown away in error, contributing to a reduction in food waste and landfill overflow.

Less Food Waste, More Clarity

With these simplified labels, consumers can make informed decisions about the safety and quality of their food, leading to less food waste and more efficient kitchen practices. Cheers to clearer labels and less wasted food!

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